What’s in a name? Clients, and kids, and young people, oh my!

Youth development professionals work in a variety of settings, from religious organizations to the local YMCA, from small towns to large urban centers, and while we all work with young people, we often refer to them by a variety of different names depending on where and with whom we work.

In this site, we will generally refer to the kids who use the services of community-based organizations as young people but we’ll also use other words from time to time–just like kids was used in this sentence.

  • Young People
  • Youth
  • Kids
  • Clients
  • Members
  • Campers

Just know that in all these cases, we simply mean the young people you work and care for, and if you don’t happen to use a specific word, or use some other word entirely, just replace it in your mind–and let us know about the other terms. We’ll add them to the list!

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