Cases: Real Problems

Sex. Sexting. Pregnancy. Abuse. What would you do?


Asia, a 16 year old who has been attending your organization for some time, comes to your office and asks if she could talk to you. She seems very distressed and explains that she had unprotected sex with her relatively new boyfriend and now she believes she is pregnant. What would you do?


A ping makes you aware of a student’s cell phone. There’s a no cell phone ground rule during program time so you walk over to take it. When you look at the screen, the txt says “Yo T! Send xxx px!?” You know Tonya, she’s a 16 year old in your program. What would you do?


As you are cleaning up some space in your organization, you find a letter left behind by a William, a 15 year old male student, asking his girlfriend to help him lose his virginity. What would you do?


Felix Menendez is a 15 year male in your after school-program. You noticed unusual bruising around Felix’s neck when he was playing volleyball with other kids at your organization today. You have known Felix for some time, though you do not have a strong personal bond with him yet. You are aware that Felix is “out” with some program participants, but you also know he hasn’t told any staff or his family that he is gay. What would you do?


You observe a fellow coach at your organization telling a 13 year old male, who is effeminate and dramatic, that he needs to “man up” so people don’t think he is too girly or gay. What would you do?