Welcome to the Mighty Resource: Sex in the CBO pilot evaluation!

We need help… (Seriously!) We need YOUR help!

Note: Formal First Phase Field Trial is Over

The field trial phase, where we gather data for NIH, is actually over. We’d love you to participate, but the field trial is a more structured experience.
You are also welcome to simply create an account and browse the site. Have fun, and make a difference! If you want to run through the trial, and answer a bunch of questions that will help us improve the site and move to the next stage, then read on. You’ve been warned. 🙂  — The Troublemakers


YDPs needed to test new resources on Sex in the CBO.

Do you work in a community-based organization? Do you care about kids and their health? If so…We’ve been making mightyresource.org under a grant from the National Institutes of Health.

mightyresource.org is all about youth development professionals, community based organizations, and the role we can play in supporting sexual health among the youth in our communities.

We want mightyresource to be helpful to people just like you. We can’t be sure
it will be if we don’t get your help.

Here’s what we need. Can you do each of the following?

  • Complete a survey of your involvement in sexual health
  • Provide input about a few key concepts related to sexual health
  • Watch 3 brief animated segments related to Sex in the CBO?
  • Watch and rate 3 YDP-youth interactions based on real life situations?
  • Complete a survey to tell us what you thought about MightyResource
  • Re-take the survey about your perspectives on sexual health

When you finish, you will not only have our undying appreciation, feel all

warm and fuzzy, and have made a difference in the world, but you can keep on using the site in your work. Of course, you can do that even if you choose not to do the trial.

Use it for your CBO, use it for yourself, give it away — hey more warm fuzzies! And that’s pretty cool too! Plus, you get access to new resources, free, before anyone else does!

Rick Goldworthy

Rick Goldsworthy, PhD
Principle Investigator (and main guy!)

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