Are you ready?

Are you ready to support sexual health in your organization?

Have you ever…

  • Had a concern about a young person?
  • Been asked a question you didn’t know how to handle?
  • Considered a sexual health program but didn’t know where to start?
  • Had to talk to a parent about a sexual health related issue?

Do you know what you would do in these situations?

Is your CBO ready? Does your organization…

  • Have resources available for sexual health education?
  • Have policies aligned with mandated reporting requirements?
  • Have established connections with community health providers?

Is your CBO doing everything it can to support youth sexual health?

Who, me? Sex isn’t relevant to my organization, right?

  • Boys and Girls Club?
  • Church groups?
  • YMCA?
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters?
  • and many more…

Sex is relevant to our kids.

Chances are the young people are struggling

  • with relationships, sexual or otherwise,
  • with identity,
  • with physical and emotional development,
  • with making sexual decisions
  • and with many other sexuality related issues
Those issues will inevitably intersect with activities in your organization…

Whether we want to, or not…

Whether its formally in our mission statement, or not…

Whether you’ve prepared for it, or not…

Supporting sexual health is relevant to all of us!

That’s what the Mighty Resource site is all about: Helping you, and your CBO, be better prepared to address sexuality related issues within your organization.