Ready to go? We have some tools that can help you talk to young people.

You could share some of these animated segments and a few starter activities designed for specifically adolescents. You might also share the case videos that you have explored or the YDP KwikZip Episodes.

Youth-Oriented KwikZips

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You reviewed the YDP episodes of KwikZips: The Late Night Edition, right? We have some for adolescents as well. Need to explain what STI are? Help a youth communicate better with his or her partner? Go to a doc? We have short animated segments to make it easier. Send them a link. Watch it together. Show them as a group. Short. Sweet. Informative. Effective. Sexuality education... Fast!

Embarrassment, shame, and stigma, oh my!

What other people think can sometimes prevent you from staying healthy. Galena makes a strong case for why should should “get over it” and seek out help when you think you might have an STI.

DIVN: How to communicate using your mouth and your body

Did you know that you say more with your body than with your mouth? Galena discusses how to best use verbal and non-verbal…

What is Sex?

Expect to hear the words penis, vagina, and anus in this Kwikzip. Several times. Because without those words, this episode wouldn’t…

What is an STI?

You are going to love the cartoons in this KwikZip. Galena and her little friends creatively illustrate what an STI is – so you…

What are Parasitic STIs?

Ever heard the song, “Boris the Spider”? Creepy, crawly, creepy, crawly, and so on and so forth. Well, that’s parasitic STIs….

What are Bacterial STIs?

In life, there is good bacteria, and there is bad bacteria. Bacterial STIs are the bad guys, and Galena will help you learn about…

How can you get an STI?

Hmm, perhaps through SEX! Yep, that’s one of the ways, but there are others. Galena has done her homework and outlines for you…

How can I reduce my sexual health risk?

Well, hmm, let’s see. How about not having sex for starters! But Galena’s a progressive woman, so she’ll explain all the ways for…

How can I tell if I have an STI?

Let’s see. Drips. Pus. Itching. Burning. But sometimes you can’t tell. Galena will explain all, and provide advice for what you…

How can I tell if my partner has an STI?

You can’t. You can’t. You can’t. If you still don’t know how to tell, Galena will tell you the same thing, only in a more elegant…

What should I do if I think I have an STI?

“Have sex?” NOT! That’s the worst thing you could do. Galena lays out step-by-step what to do when you think you have you know…

How will a doctor treat my STI?

Get ready to say, “Ahh.” Galena and her friends tell you what to expect when you suspect an STI.

How should I communicate what I want in a relationship?

APPA isn’t a 70’s Swedish pop group. It’s how you communicate. Galena shows why being assertive is better than being passive,…

How should I resolve a disagreement with my partner?

Resolving disagreements is as easy as ABCD. In this episode, Galena explores negotiation, and the techniques of agree, bargain,…

How can I persuade my partner to do what’s right?

You can influence people to do the right thing! Galena explores the principles of ROCKER so you can persuade your partner to make…

What are Viral STIs?

Viral STIs. Bad news. Can’t be cured. Galena succintly explains what viral STIs are and the risks to your health they pose. Did… [jwplayer player=”5″ mediaid=”516″]

Youth-Oriented Activities

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We have also begun to develop some interactived activities to help you work with youth. These include videos of common situations and a trip to a clinic. More will be posted in future phases of the project. What would you like to see?
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STI Confidential

Review the clinic. Would you go?

Guy Condo

Defend and protect.

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Real Problems: Case Videos

Remember the cases you reviewed? Do you know a youth in one of these situations? Would it be helpful to share the case? For example, would showing the Sexting case in your CBO help raise the issue for everyone?


Asia, a 16 year old who has been attending your organization for some time, comes to your office and asks if she could talk to you. She seems very distressed and explains that she had unprotected sex with her relatively new boyfriend and now she believes she is pregnant. What would you do?


A ping makes you aware of a student’s cell phone. There’s a no cell phone ground rule during program time so you walk over to take it. When you look at the screen, the txt says “Yo T! Send xxx px!?” You know Tonya, she’s a 16 year old in… Read More»


As you are cleaning up some space in your organization, you find a letter left behind by a William, a 15 year old male student, asking his girlfriend to help him lose his virginity. What would you do?


Felix Menendez is a 15 year male in your after school-program. You noticed unusual bruising around Felix’s neck when he was playing volleyball with other kids at your organization today. You have known Felix for some time, though you do not have a strong personal bond with him yet. You… Read More»


You observe a fellow coach at your organization telling a 13 year old male, who is effeminate and dramatic, that he needs to “man up” so people don’t think he is too girly or gay. What would you do?

KwikZips: The Late Night Edition

A rapid fire introduction to Supporting Sexuality Education in Your Community Based Organization. 3 Episodes, 30 minutes, a lifetime of better relationships, sunshine and happiness, well, at least a smile or two!

Sex in the CBO: What Will You Do?

Community based organizations play a vital role in the lives of our young people. They are places where youth come for support, to interact, and to feel safe. A young person approaches you with a situation similar to one of these. What would you do?

Sex in the CBO: You’re already doing it, so let’s do it better!

You already are teaching the young people you work with about sexual health, so shouldn’t you be more aware of it and better prepared?

Sex in the CBO: The Role With It Episode

When the young people we work with bring issues related to sexual health, they can be particularly challenging for them, and for us! How can we support the sexual health of the young people with whom we work?